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Ranks, Titles and Positions on ATC forums - The Mafia

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  • Ranks, Titles and Positions on ATC forums - The Mafia


    It can take many years to become a made member in the Mafia, but In order to become a "Made Man" which is a fully initiated member in the Mafia, once you become a made man or fully initiated member of the Mafia, you're in it for life.

    Here at ATC forums, we want you to prove yourself

    Our forum rankings are based on posts and likes, the more you have the more respect you will be given.

    The God father ATC Forums

    Associate member

    Associates are not made members of the Mafia, but they work for the Mafia. Associates cannot turn down an order from the Mafia if Mafia gives them an order they have to follow it.

    0 - 99 Post's

    Soldier member

    The Soldiers, Wiseguy's, Men of Honor, Untouchables, or Made men are lowest-ranking members of the Mafia.

    100 - 499 Post's

    Caporegimes member

    El Capitan, Capo, Caporegime, or Captain, the Caporegime is a captain of a large crew of soldiers, hitmen, and associates.

    500 - 999 Post's

    Consigliere member

    The consigliere, or chief advisor, or counselor, is the Bosses right-hand man and trusted confidant.

    1000 - 1,999 Post's

    Underboss member

    The Underboss is the second-in-command in the empire and the organizational hierarchy of the crime family.

    2000 - 4,999 Post's

    Boss member

    The Boss, the Don, the King, the Dictator, is the head of the organization, the boss is a dictator or king and has the power to order anything and everything from anyone in the entire organization. The Boss rules the organization with an iron fist, he makes all the important decisions, much like a CEO or Chairman of a company would.

    5,000+ Post's

    Ranking meter

    In addition, we have a Ranking meter, this is based on likes and forum activity/ contribution, the more likes you receive from other members on your posts and the more you contribute the higher your ranking meter.

    Have you got what it takes to rank on ATC forums?
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