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Welcome to ATC Forums and Rules

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  • Welcome to ATC Forums and Rules

    Hello and Welcome

    Many thanks for taking the time to visit/ register on ATC Forums.

    We hope you enjoy your time with us and take full advantage of like-minded Hi-Fi and Home Cinema enthusiasts.

    Link to forum admins and moderators list.

    Feel free to follow us on:


    Before you get started please read some of our community rules below:

    ATC Forums holds a strict policy of inclusion, as such, members posting in a xenophobic, racist, or in a prejudiced nature will not be tolerated. Posts that defame an individual or group of individuals owing to their race or ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, or sexuality for example (the list is not exhaustive) will be removed and a suspension to their account will be applied.

    Failure to improve may result in moderated posting (posts requiring approval by the moderating team) or permanent removal of specific forums. Permanently banning the account will happen if the user fails to comply.

    All we ask for is moderate and considerate posting, we do not want to stifle freedom of opinion or speech, but please do so in a considerate manner thinking about how others may interpret your post.

    Please help us improve the forums by using the Comments and Suggestions forum to advise us of posts that are out of line or simply contact us here.

    No swearing, posting of "adult" material, personal attacks or "trolling"

    ATC Forums would like you and your whole family to learn and share via our forums. For this reason swearing and the posting of "adult" or offensive material is forbidden. Simply replacing some of the letters in a swearword with a * or any other character is not acceptable. If you must then please replace the whole word with ***** or other repeated characters. We also expect members to behave respectfully and not launch personal or abusive attacks on other members. Those who post for the sole purpose of causing trouble are not welcome here and will be dealt with accordingly.

    No anti-ATC Forum posts

    ATC Forums will never allow these forums to be used by those who would seek to tarnish our name, no matter how justified they feel their circumstances are. Posts of an offending nature defaming ATC Forums, demoralizing or demeaning the name, complaints about bad service, etc. will not be tolerated.

    Comments & Suggestions

    While the Admin team will try to implement or change the forum based on suggestions, members must take note in some instances we won't be able to implement all changes.

    We would like all members to only post their suggestions into the comments and suggestions sections and not on other parts of the forum.
    We will delete or move non-related items from other parts of the forum if it's non-topic related.


    If any member is caught spamming the forum they will be given a suspension of the forum and maybe baned if they repeatedly continue with the offense.

    Classifieds - For Sale

    ATC Forums Does Not take responsibility/ or will NOT be held liable for anything advertised or sold.
    It is the member's responsibility for anything bought or sold.

    Forum members must have a minimum of
    100 posts before they can post items for sale or post will be deleted and must be an ATC forum member for 30 days.

    All listings must include following in order:

    - Type of Item (Amplifier, Speaker, (etc etc)
    - Condition of item
    - Location of Item
    - Description of item
    - Payment method i.e. Paypal, Cash in hand
    - Cost
    - Postage
    - Up to 5 images are allowed per listing

    If you are interested in any items for sale please keep any communications via Private Messages.

    Please ensure you obtain the following if purchasing items for sale:

    - Full name of the seller
    - The full address of the seller
    - Full contact information of the seller
    - Provide your details
    - We urge using payment methods such as Paypal

    What happens if I break the rules?

    At best your post will be edited by the appropriate Mod and you will be issued a warning. If the offense is more serious, your post will be deleted and you may be suspended for a period of time decided by the moderators. Posting "why was my post edited/deleted?" etc. will only make matters worse so please don't. For persistent and deliberate rule-breakers your account will be "Deleted". That means you are no longer welcome on these forums and your account will no longer function. If you re-register, your new account will be deleted immediately. Multiple accounts are not allowed under any circumstances.

    Just a few links

    Help Guide
    Privacy Policy

    This page may be updated at anytime
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