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  • Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro Studio 80ohms

    I have yesterday received my late Christmas present of the above headphones and have literally been listening or rediscovering all my music. Balance, resolution, timbre and a decent soundstage and the best I am getting all this by simply being connected to a laptop, no DAC/Amplifier. This is most practical result as it will take time to save for a modest Dac/Amp (eg Ifi Zen DAc), but enjoying a most involving music! 🎄

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    Are you still enjoying them?

    I’ve also been enjoying headphones with my ancient Sennheiser HD600s which must be 20 years old now. I bought second hand for about £100 I think! They need a refurb though, new ear pads and cushions, possibly cable as it requires a re plugging into the headphones on quite a regular basis. I’ve also got a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 15s which although perishing, were one of the best investments I’ve ever made, a lot of use had when travelling on trains and planes. I know they are seen as not ‘accurate’ but they do always to me sound easy and pleasing, as well as comfortable. I’ve just bought a pair (second hand) of the Audeze LCD-1s, as I am keen to try a planar. I should have them tomorrow in the post! Annoyingly I used to a have a MF xcan 3 headphone amp, I might look into a replacement like the Topping L30 which is not too expensive. I also use a Meridian Explorer 2 which I have now got working with my iPhone.


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      I looked up the Audeze LCd-1 on internet, very interesting headphones, I would imagine would suit many genres of music. After some use I would be most interested to hear your thoughts on them. As to my headphones yes I am very much enjoying them to the point that they have made me listen to a lot more music via laptop. I am thinking sometime in the future do get a Ifi Zen Dac (headphone amp/dac) would that improve sound quality on my 80ohm headphones? At present I am really enjoying the sound presentation but then before I only had Sony £20 headphones as comparison so I have no idea whatsoever what a Dac/amp would bring to the proceedings...?


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        The ifi has lots of praise and is a cheap to if it sounds better or not compared to what you have now, I just don’t know.

        If it were me, I’d properly give it a go. How the little Audioquest ones?


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          Quick update. I had a good couple of hours listening yesterday. The lcds are easier to drive than the HD600s, so when I initially compared I thought I was hearing big differences when in fact it was one of volume. After some level matching I’d say the biggest difference is that the lcds sparkle a bit more, they are clearer and that the sound is a bit more in your head, if that makes sense. They also sit/clamp a little more tightly, this could be because they are much newer than the HD600s. I’d say the HD600s might be slightly more comfortable, I wear glasses so I find over headphones can be a bit uncomfortable.
          I am happy but I have to say the HD600s are very good even if 20 years old, I picked up the lcds for £200, half of the rrp.


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            Maybe this question is too early while doing your comparison, but if you had to end up on a desert island which headphone would you choose for long term music...? With my new headphones I just listened to " The In Crowd" music from the film Casino, I have listened to this piece of music often through my previous headphones and via my small stereo system. I am well aware that this piece of music takes place in a small venue where you hear the audience, however near the end of the track the music dies down in volume to piano and drums, what took me by surprise was the sound of the audience talking among themselves, I can nearly recognise the individual voices of different males...! Never had this experience before the use of these headphones......


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              Good question. The lcds are definitely tighter on my head which is not unbearable just more noticeable - on that basis I’d trade some clarity for comfort and would probably go for the HD600s.


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                Just an update I have now a second pair of headphones namely Beyerdynamic Dt 990 Pro 250ohms headphones via the Zen Dac which seems a good synergy. The Dt990 are open back so the sound comes very differently to my Dt770. So now I feel I am at live concerts and its real fun just to listen to the instruments and vocals. The Zen Dac is a solid metalic Dac with a sweet smooth volume knob. It has a Power match button which allows me to listen to headphones with high impedance up to 300ohms. Also it has a True Bass button which specifically boosts the bass, I never had to use it but it is fun putting it on to Santana's Maria Maria (From Supernatural Album) I feel I am in one of these souped up cars with big bass throbbing at the back seat.


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