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Which speaker cable for ATC SCM40 passives?

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  • Which speaker cable for ATC SCM40 passives?

    Hello everyone. Can anyone recommend speaker cable that works well with my 40's. I currently have a Chord TT2, Teddy Pardo MB100 mono power amps connected by 3m of Tellerium Q Black. I can not find recommendations by ATC regarding cable characteristics (impedance/capacitance) or preferred manufacturers. I would be very grateful for any thoughts on this issue.

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    Just noticed in the manual that 40’s require 79 strand with a cross section of 2.5 mm2. So in that case can anyone recommend something suitable. Many thanks Paul


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      I think it's unfortunate that ATC prescribe 79 strand "always." Your speakers will reproduce music with 50 and 200 strands. The number may change how your speakers sound, as they may depending on whether you use copper, silver or tinned iterations of either. I also believe that if you ask 20 audiophiles what speaker cables (speakers, amplifiers or any other audio component) you are more likely to get 40-60 suggestions than 1 or 10.

      I've owned passive 10s, 20s, 35s and 40s, powered by a variety of amplifiers over 25 years. What worked "best" to me varied depending on the surrounding components and what my slightly shifting priorites valued. I think you should experiment to find out what you like in your room.



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        Best Speakercable for ATCs is XLR 😏


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          Thanks for the replies


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            The speaker cable characteristics are strongly related to those of the amplifier used. For instance, if you are using a non-Zobel filter output amplifier, you have to use a low capacitance cable (like Atlas or Chord Cable).


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              you have to use a low capacitance cable (like Atlas or Chord Cable).
              I"d offer "have to" probably needs a qualifier, e.g. "have to IF x" or "have to when Y"

              Audio is a system performance for a lone dictator (the listening judge). Try you'll learn.


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                I'm unsure if ATC passive speakers need anything special - although I'm not saying to use zip cord. Try something from Mogami like the W3082 speaker cable sold by the metre for way under the price of any so-called audiophile branded cable.


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