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    Since I started using the all Randall research cable set up I have found that I have had to back the volume control from 11 o'clock to 9.5 to 10 o'clock . I can't really understand why because it only involved swapping a one metre QED reference 40 with a one metre Randall Research TX.
    The only explanation I can think of is-there is a synergy with speaker cable and interconnects from the same designer.
    The Randall Research are directional cables. The interconnects are at least.
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      I would also like to recommend the WBT nextgen spades and nextgen banana plugs which helped transform the sound of my system once I put them on my speaker cable


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        First post here , I have Active 40's with an Auralic Vega G2.1 Pre/DAC . Cables definitely make a difference but I haven't felt the need to go crazy with XLR cables just yet , I use Benchmark XLR's which are basically Canare Star Quad cable with gold Neutrik plugs . I'm really happy with them and prefer them to the Mogami 2534 that I started with , probably down to better shielding in my environment .

        For Power cables I've gone further up the scale as I bought an Audioquest Niagara 3000 power conditioner in the summer , I've never been a fan of conditioning but the Niagara has 2 High current outlets with a 55 amp current reservoir , its brilliant . I originally demoed a Niagara 1200 which was also very impressive but decided to go the extra mile for the 3000 . I have 3 Audioquest Monsoon power cables to go with it , 1 from the wall and 2 to each Active speaker . I have played around going back to standard cables into the wall , monsoon into the wall and using the Niagara again . The Niagara makes the biggest difference to me , it feels like I've added a high quality power supply to the whole system . I also use a Studio Connections carbon cable to the Vega . Very happy with this set up but may try some Audioquest XLR's at some point .

        Peter .


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          To SCM19A's, I use MG Audio Designs XLR and RCA silver (AG2) cables (there are also copper versions). They were what PS Audio used (and Paul McGowan recommended to me) in their listening rooms and at shows until they decided in the last year to use and sell Audioquest. They are in Colorado and the marketing one of the two owners died, so the operation is now low key. But they do have some good test or beta cables in the back room that go inexpensively if one asks. Then occasionally they show up on the used market.


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            Originally posted by Tobes View Post
            I also use Mogami Gold Studio (2534 star quad) for all balanced connections in my system. Its inexpensive and I found it more neutral than the far more expensive Wireworld Eclipse 7 when I tested in the DAC>pre position.
            On paper that's a good choice for XLR interconnects, though I've not tried it myself.

            I use Gotham GAC 4/1.

            Similarities to Mogami 2534:
            - star quad for EMI
            - double shield for RFI
            - capacitance is significantly lower than some common star quad cables

            Differences to Mogami 2534,
            - both shields are braided https://studioelectronics.biz/reussen-shielding/
            - viscose wrap between core and shields
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              I have just upgraded my speaker cables to QED Supremus in a 3metre length. Initial impressions are a general improvement with them giving a more real 3d image and my system sounding less hifi and generally easier to listen to.
              Even the other half commented on the difference so it I got the seal of approval for the outlay.
              They give more at the extremes than my Randalls.
              There is less sibilance and the bass is weightier.
              That is probably to be expected as I have the 32 strand Randall Research and the Supremus would be more comparable the 64 strand Randalls.
              So far there are no negatives apart from the dimensions of the cable itself and I have bananas at both ends when I would have preferred spades at the amplifier end.


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                Here is a photo of the Qed Supremus. It is very stiff and very thick but sounds great


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                  I've just added some Studio connections Reference plus XLR's to my Active 40's . They were an opportunistic and speculative purchase at a good price . Early days obviously but initial impressions very positive indeed . Richer , more musical etc and definitely lower noise floor .


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                    My system is pioneer lx800 for movie+naim ndx2+xps+bricasti m1se+sca2+atc 50a.First when I built my system I take the chord signature xlr cable.Then the cable is thin,bright.I do not like the style which is not atc.So I change all my cable to atlas marvos cable what is nature,warm,and powerful.The Range of midrange and bass is much better than chord.I also use the van den hul ministeamer power cable for the blueray player.Which are better than before.If we are the similar system you can try.


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                      I wrote earlier in this thread that I was using the very reasonably priced Mogami Gold (2534 star quad) XLR cables with my ATC100 active towers.
                      While I found Mogami cables very satisfactory, I was curious about the Canare L-4E6S star quad, which is also a lowish priced pro type microphone cable - so I bought some cable and Neutrik connectors and made a couple of sets up for my DAC>Preamp>SCM100asl.
                      Both star quad cables but Mogami uses a copper stranded shield directly over the core; Canare uses cotton like spacers in the core which is then wrapped before braided shield.

                      Well, I was very surprised at the differences.
                      The Mogami sounds significantly 'drier' than the Canare L-4E6S which has an airier presentation, especially on cymbals etc and presents more ambient detail.
                      I find myself much preferring the Canare and can no longer recommend the Mogami since the price is similar.
                      Worth noting that my DAC and preamp are both from Benchmark, who happen to also recommend Canare L-4E6S - so this may be a factor.


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                        Tobes you had me back to looking at the GAC 4/1 internal construction, and I see there is a viscose wrap around the core, so I updated my earlier post!
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                          Originally posted by darrenyeats View Post
                          Tobes you had me back to looking at the GAC 4/1 internal construction, and I see there is a viscose wrap around the core, so I updated my earlier post!
                          Yes the wrap may be part of the better sound. As I mentioned above, the Canare L-4E6S has (what appears to be) cotton filaments wound into the star quad core and then the tight wrap which appears to be a paper like substance. This holds the core in tight formation - which may, along with the 95% coverage braided shield, be responsible for the sonic difference to the Mogami.
                          The difference in sound is not subtle - which I find interesting for two cables aimed at the professional market.


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                            If the system is very revealing and resolving, then the cables are the most important. In my 20years+ audiophile experience, I have concluded that the most important cables, regardless of the system cost, are the power leads. I have used Van den Hul for ATC, but I had better results with Siltech. I tried Black Rhodium and Wireworld also, but I do not recommend them for ATC.


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                              I made a couple of xlr cables to the active atc myself with Neotech NEI-3004 cables and Neutrik plugs.

                              The NEI-3004 cable is made of 99.99998% pure UP-OCC copper and insulated in polyethylene.
                              I had good Vovox XLRs before, but the Neotech sounded a little better.
                              I actually only swapped it because I wanted angled plug on one side, but the sound quality also became more natural. It's also cheap, I got it for € 9 per meter, now it costs 12.90 I can really recommend it as a symmetrical connection


                              looks like, i have to swipe some dust again

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                                I tried using Zaolla RCA cables from my dCS Bartok DAC to SCA2 preamp. Pretty good. It's pure silver conductor, cheaper than audiophile cables, and marketed as a pro.

                                I have now ordered 2m XLR for my 50ASLTs. From second hand market, this is just over $100. But the parcel will travel from Japan for 2-3 months by sea)))


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                                  I did directly ask ATC this question, regarding the interconnects, and their response was:

                                  We recommend using good quality oxygen free multi-strand copper cable, ideally bare silver-plated copper with less than 100pF/metre capacitance from core to screen.

                                  We use Van-Damme cables for studio installations and I would be happy with this at home.


                                  • Tiberio
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                                    What reasonably priced xlr would you use then? I’ll be needing 6 meters pair of xlr. Thanks

                                  • saureign
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                                    It depends what 'reasonable' means to you. I would say that - for me - a really good cable starts at 1000 USD per 1 meter. I have heard expensive, but not so good cables, but never heard one single cheap and good cable. It goes for everything, in every department.

                                  • Tiberio
                                    Tiberio commented
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                                    Thanks. I would say expensive but just because I can’t afford 12k for a run of cables.
                                    I think I will stick to Nordost Heimdall 2 xlr if I can get a discount.

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                                  Hi, IME I noticed a very distinctive difference in the quality of the reproduction changing power cables from my Luxman 507 to the Atc SCM19. I used to have some old Van Den Hul, I forgot the specs, which I then changed to a pair of Nordost Heimdall 2! What a change in openness and details they made! Night and day! The system was unchanged apart from the cables I just mentioned, so I guess cables do make a difference, sometimes less sometimes more but they do.
                                  cheers everyone
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                                    Hello all
                                    I changed from Sommer Carbokab RCA/XLR cable to Vovox Sonorus Direct S XLR/XLR cable and it seems to me the well known window stuff has been taken away.😉
                                    Normaly the RCA out is the better one at my Audionet Pre, but now the XLR out seems perfekt.
                                    If you‘re looking for a good XLR cable the Vovox must be a hot candidat.
                                    Best regards Rüdiger


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