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  • Direct power line

    In the course of a renovation of the fuse box in my house (I needed a bigger one because a wallbox for an electric car was to be connected) I had a line from the fuse box put into my music room that only serves to power the music system. The result is impressive, the music seems to have more power, especially in the bass and fundamental. The cables I use are completely standard.
    Kinds regard Rüdiger

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    This is exactly what it should be - dedicated power line. If you have also a good earth connection implemented, then all is more ok.


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      I have a dedicated power line using Fujikura 5.5mm2 wire which plugged directly into the power distributor, bypassing the wall socket.
      The sound enhancement is very powerful.
      But unfortunately I don't have real grounding in my house. So I don't use the ground wire at all.

      How bad can that be for the sound?

      In terms of safety, I understand the risks...


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        the real grounding helps to create a black background to the sound


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          A dedicated supply is a very good thing to have. A second board for the audio and visual if you use it with a projector or TV. You see a real difference in depth of colour on the projector and the same with the sound.

          Earth spikes in the garden ( keep them damp with a bucket of water every now an then in the summer). Try and bring all the equipment plugs back to the same point or gang of sockets. Think of it as a large ‘star earth’ exercise. The earthing makes a BIG difference for loads of reasons.

          Some kind of braid jacket on the cable is also a good idea, along with unstitched sockets. Every little helps.

          Mains is so important!!!


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