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ATC SCM19v2 - recommended integrated amp

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  • ATC SCM19v2 - recommended integrated amp

    Hi, I have a pair of ATC SCM19v2 and are looking for a good matching integrated amp.

    I am using a Roksan K3 today and not totally wowed. Does anyone have experiences (opinions) with Roksans K3 pairing the ATC SCM19v2 speakers?

    I started using the bypass input and my Bluesound Node2i as a pre-amp. That gave the sound some life. Sounded doll before when I used any other analogue input.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated

    Thx in advance for your input

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    maybe this?

    has a AKM DAC too, for better sound out of your Bluesound Node
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    • Fekser
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      SolarMusic Thank you for your answer

      I have tested it, and yes, it sounded a little bit better but not significantly. It did not justify the prize difference in my opinion.

      And my wife did not approve about the design 😄

      I am also puzzled about what prizerange I should look in to

    • SolarMusic
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      yes, its not a beauty (not your wife ;-) )
      there is also a active version of the SCM19, you would need just a preamp or a good DAC with preamp

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    Well, I already have the passive speakers but maybe it would suit me better all around with just a preamp and active speakers. I have to consider: sound, design and limited space and our living room is formed like an L. It is difficult to get the “perfect sound” within those limitations

    But if I choose to do so I will have another puzzel to solve: is there better speakers I should consider? Totally 1. world problems 😆


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