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  • ATC 20ASL cosumer version

    Last year I found an auction on Ebay.UK with an ATC SCM20ASL (Cherry veneer). Unfortunately, the seller did not want to ship the speakers abroad. I couldn't pick up the loudspeakers on the other side because Corona restricted freedom of travel. The seller wrote to me that there are worldwide 3 pairs of this model. So it has to be custom-made.
    Since then I have been thinking about whether it is possible to upgrade my SCM20 to an active version.
    Has anyone here in the forum made such a request to ATC, or can I tell more about it?
    At my request, the German ATC sales department initially declined.
    The SCM20 (16sqm) are almost ideal for my listening room. The SCM50ASL would probably be too oversized.
    Furthermore, I am not a friend of tower speakers. So SCM40A and SCM19A also fail.
    Apart from the Pro models, is there any other option for me?
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    I know that there are not much options for me, maybe none.
    But maybe ATC changed their opinion and will build a consumer SCM20ASL in the future, or maybe here in this forum is someone that knows someone that knows someone who had a pair of this seldom SCM20ASL? And this guy is dreaming of an active 100 and thinks about selling his 20ies.....who knows?


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      If there is enough demand, then maybe Rudy.

      I recall the special stand mount active 20s in cherry veneer. The seller is based within 10 miles of where I live. Did he actually sell them, do you know?

      I know the pro 20as are not necessarily to your liking visually but I would say there are plenty out there and maybe a good deal could be had. I’ve certainly thought about them. My first active atc was the original pro 20asls, serial numbers 5&6, I remember them well!


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        Wouldn’t an amp pack on an SCM-20 classic take to much of the infinite baffle internal space up ?


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          Actually what am I saying the 20 pros have an amp pack !! Are the cabinets compensated when they are active?


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            As i thought in another post in this forum....
            Maybe there is a chance to upgrade a SCM20 classic with an ampack from a Pro version.
            Because the the original 20 case is calibrated (units&crossover), i would use the ampack outside and connect it with the units.
            But you may right.... The crossover of a Pro-ampack might be calbrated to the limited casing of the Pro model.
            If it has limited space ?????
            Well the end it might be an interesing mind experiment, but i think it would be better to use an external amp with classic 20s.
            Or has anyone exeriences with this ???


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