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    Originally posted by Gandalf View Post
    Alpha Audio have made another musical journey comparing three active speakers roughly the same price range which includes ATC SCM40A's. This is the first time I listen to description of the ATC speakers as 'warm' sounding. Its a long test however I found the comments as to recordings in studio very interesting...

    I've never understood the cool characterisation sometimes attributed to ATC in forums - and I came from 12 years of Harbeth ownership.
    Agree this is a very interesting review.
    A different session and partnering equipment to the previous review that included the SCM100A, but interesting they prefer the 40A.
    Don't hear that opinion coming from owners who have made exactly that change.
    Nonetheless I expect the 40A is the performance/value champion in the ATC range

    Edit: As I noted in my other post above about the SCM100A review, I was surprised to see the 100A's push so far back to the front wall and also the degree of 'toe in' used.
    The 40A's are pulled out further into the room with less toe in and I think the 100A's would have benefited from a similar setup.
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      I’ve scanned this new video as not enough time to watch in full but will try again later. Alpha Audio are also on the ASR website in the traders section regarding this second video. They mention about speaking positioning and also the use of pink noise during the set up.

      As a side note on this, in my room (with its endless limitations and compromises!) I also use a lot of toe in for the 100s. They work great without toe in but I think sound ultimately better with the drivers pointing at my ears.


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        Originally posted by AlastairH View Post
        As a side note on this, in my room (with its endless limitations and compromises!) I also use a lot of toe in for the 100s. They work great without toe in but I think sound ultimately better with the drivers pointing at my ears.
        I also know someone who crosses the 100's in front of his listening position and gets great sound by all accounts.
        It was more the difference in the set-up between the 40's and the 100's and how close to the front wall the 100's were.
        FWIW, My 100's are toed in to cross just behind my listening position - so a fair amount of toe in.
        I realise all rooms/tastes will be different.


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          This is not a test but maybe interesting for someone???


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              I've had a pair of SCM19A's for a few years and came to the forum today to ask about tonality, specifically, does the 40A and 50ASLT have the same touch of warmth as the 19A? The Alpha Audio video answers that very nicely for the 40A. I'm sorry now that I didn't spring for those when the getting was good (i.e., beginning of 2017, when the GBP to USD was at its lowest point since the mid 1980s, March 2020 aside).


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                Originally posted by SolarMusic View Post
                This review reminds me ATC's own quality in all their speakers which is 'coherence'.


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                  Developing from the review in post #45, there's a follow-up from GR-Research which specifically addresses upgrading the SCM19v2:

                  This reviewer is usually highly critical of the loudspeakers he upgrades [1] but ATC gets off rather lightly. And indeed, towards the end (09:00 onwards) we hear "It's nice to see good engineering come through now and then." and some other positive comments.

                  In the first three minutes, he positively likes the drivers. He likes the air-cored inductors in the crossover. But he advocates replacing internal wiring, crossover resistors, crossover capacitors, binding posts and stuffing. And he advocates bracing and deadening the cabinets. However, my own engineering background and my personal reading of a few loudspeaker technical books/reports makes me cautious about the practical effectiveness of his proposed changes.

                  It's fashionable, and encouraged by some audiophile component suppliers, to change capacitor and resistor types and change internal wiring. But in this application I suspect the impact will be close to zero if the engineering quality of the originals is good enough for purpose. I have selected components for applications before and I think the originals look perfectly good enough unless your approach is to insist on over-engineering everywhere (which is no bad thing but costs more).

                  In post #45 and follow-ups the sound of knocking the SCM19v2 cabinet was mentioned. However, the waterfall measurement is very clean. So it doesn't, IMHO, point to any problem that needs fixing. And lightweight cabinets can be an essential element in the BBC approach to loudspeaker cabinet engineering where cabinet resonance is acknowledged and the cabinet design ensures resonances are at frequencies/amplitudes where they are inaudible. In that case adding dampening material and bracing may be detrimental. So I wouldn't think of doing this.

                  Anyway, given this reviewer's frequent lambasting of loudspeakers he upgrades I think this review is rather positive.

                  [1] GR-Research supplies speaker parts so they will have an interest in persuading people to upgrade. So you have to factor that into "reading" this review, but that's no different to reading any other review where there may be other interests to account for.


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