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  • ATC Units on Youtube

    Maybe they are wellknown, but i saw them for the first time this morning:

    I always thought that i can recognize the new tweeter at the fact that it has 4 scews ??


    I whish they made the SCM25a in wooden veneer! 😉

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    The SCM40A is like a 25a but sounds better (more cabinet volume, sealed cabinet, ATC tweeter). It can't sit over a recording console though. 😉


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      The Scm25a Pro doesn't have the ATC tweeter it is in the SCM45a Pro though. I think there is a problem with the new tweeter fitting in the SCM25a cabinet.


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        the SCM25a is longer in market and has a Seas tweeter (which shall be very good too)
        I could imagine, that there will be a little bigger scm25a some day, which has the room for the new ATC tweeter.

        In my SCM45a i have the ATC tweeter in the S-Specification (best spec) and i love it :-)
        For the 45s i think, the room should be minimum 20qm, cause bass can be too much in less room. Mine ist a 32qm room with and its perfect.
        A few days before, a friend and i listened to Billy Eilish, the bass was so hard and dry that is was not easy to believe for him ;-)

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          Thanks for your postings!
          I never paid attention to the tweeter of the SCM25, and did´nt recognize that it is the Vifa.
          I did´nt know the difference to the new SCM tweeter, but there is a difference between te Vifa and the Seas tweeter.
          I own a pair of SCM7 (first gen.) and SCM10. Aside that the 10th has more volume, the main difference is the tweeter.
          And the 10th is, for me, the far better speaker.
          So my focus will get back to the SCM50ASL or the SCM40A to replace my SCM20 in the future.
          I would prefer the 50th because i did´nt like the "tower" models and the view at the units that much.
          But i have a little fear that my 16sqm in my listening room might be to small for the 50th.
          Maybe a 20ASL might also be a progress, because my 20th are pre SL.
          But they are very seldom is wooden veneer!
          There are some on Ebay UK at the moment, but the seller would not send them to Germany.
          Maybe not to bad to take more time to make the right decision, because this will be the last one concerning the speakers.😉
          My 20th give and gave me joy for more than 25 years!
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            SCM50ASL has the S-specificated ATC tweeter, SCM40A has also a ATC tweeter but not the S-Version.
            I do not know how much the difference in tweeter soundwise is, i heard both in different places and both sound very good.
            A scm50 with the SL bass works good in a 16qm room, in my opinion.
            Most scm50 or scm100 on ebay have old tweeters, cause noone sells a few year old ATC ;-)
            a active scm20a pro could be an alternative, but just in black



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              thanks for reply! I'm not in a hurry, so that I can wait for a used pair of 50ASL.
              I hope that the corona-crisis will end next year, so that it might be possible to drive to the UK again without problems, to make a personal pickup. Maybe in connection with a vacation?
              If the HT unit by Seas will not fit my ears there is the possibility to change them to the new ones through ATC.
              But I am older and the high frequency get la little lost in the years, so that it might be enough to spend them new Seas tweeter! They " dry out" over the years and a change is not complicated and expensive. I did it at my 20th 2 years ago, and the result was astonishing!
              From my point of view it is a reasonable refreshing that is easy to do!
              Lets see what the future brings!
              ​​​​​​​It isn't so that I am not satisfied with my current setup, but the better is the enemy of the good! 😀


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                you`re welcome :-)

                Another small advantage of the ATC tweeters is that they do not need ferrufluid and therefore age less.

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                  this one is interesting :-)
                  a comparison Dutch&Dutch, ATC scm100a, Grimm LS1

                  here is the part where the hear the scm100 after the D&D 8c, the gestures say "yeah! thats it!" ;-)



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                    Originally posted by SolarMusic View Post
                    this one is interesting :-)
                    a comparison Dutch&Dutch, ATC scm100a, Grimm LS1

                    here is the part where the hear the scm100 after the D&D 8c, the gestures say "yeah! thats it!" ;-)

                    The video was interesting to hear what audio studio professionals discussed and what they thought important about the tools of their trade.

                    I listened to it piped through a pair of SCM50As and wondered if there was any valid way to untangle individual 'speaker characteristics from what I was hearing.

                    I do think the SCM100As were positioned too close to the front wall for my taste in bass balance. In their position IIRC one of the participants remarked with understandable surprise about people thinking ATCs were bass-light. To my ears the DSP in the D&D 8c and the Grimm LS1be did seem to make their bass balance closer to my taste. In my room there's 0.9 metres between the back of my 50As and the front wall which as I measure with REW gives a very modest bass rise without exciting room modes, and gives a remarkable extension for a 9" driver. The SCM100As looked much closer than that.

                    I thought the mid-range clarity of the LS1be and the SCM100a were both excellent and a little better than the D&D 8c.

                    I was surprised that the sound quality of the stream seemed much better than I expected but I still wouldn't use it to make any choices.


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                      yes, sound of the video was very good, think they had very good microfones there.
                      Its not possible to make choices from youtube videos, cause you here youre PC speakers (or scm50a ;-) ) instead of the played speaker.
                      I listened to it through my Adam Audio Artist 5 active speakers on PC with a good pro-ject DAC. This enabled me to understand the differences that they described a bit, even if it was of course not the original sound.
                      I've heard the Grimm IS1 before live (with the integrated sub) and found it to be quite good, but not good enough to buy.

                      I found it just interesting, how they were foot-tippin suddenly, when the ATC comes into play ;-)


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