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Alternative stands or plinths for SCM Classic range

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  • Alternative stands or plinths for SCM Classic range

    I’ve got the some standard (from 1996) metal frame stands for my 100ASLs. These are obviously fine and do a job however it’s always bothered me that the mid unit is sitting just a bit low compared to my ears in my main listening seat. Furthermore I have some home pressure to improve the look ie to make the speaker look more like a floor-standing one. Trading to towers is not an option 😀

    So has anyone with classics been in this position of needing custom made stands/plinths to primarily raise the speaker height?

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    I used a couple of solid oak side tables for mine, can’t remember where I got them from, but this sort of thing:

    Our solid wood side tables are perfect for that spot by the sofa. Built to last and look great for years. Shop today!

    Cheap, effective, and gets the midrange unit where it wants to be.

    Otherwise, Towersonic make some serious looking stands specially for ATCs, with a variety of feet/wheel options.

    T-S3 Adjustable Speaker Stand from Towersonic - The T-S 3 is a step up from the T-S 2 model, sharing the same footprint and top plate dimensions but with two telescopic tubes on each stand.

    But if I was looking now, and had the money, I would undoubtedly wait until Northward Audio released their stands. These are for 45s I think, but they will have models for 100s.


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      Thank you Andy for all those links. Those Northwood Audio ones look funky! I think at the moment I will likely go the route of commissioning a local cabinet maker to create some plinths. Will be interesting to see how they will compliment the different wood finishes between the 100s and new plinths. I wish I had paid more attention in wood work classes now...


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        Good luck! Don’t be frightened of getting them high enough so that the midrange unit is a bit above ear level. Change wives if you have to.

        Northward Acoustics are an extraordinary company. Big ATC fans. It’s worth following them on Facebook and digging around their website to see what a really high-end pro-install involves.


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          in germany there is Liedke Metalldesign with a lot of good speakerstands, heigh can be choosen individuell


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            1. I like the look of the standard stands.
            2. Raising the speakers will affect the bass response somewhat (boundary effect with floor) so it might be worth raising the speaker height some other way first, to check you like it, before spending time and money on new stands.

            The quoted limit for vertical off axis is 10 degrees. If you're about 5 degrees off axis vertically I wouldn't sweat it at all even as an audiophile!
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              Here’s a calculator for floor bounce. The first cancellation will be around 200 - 300Hz for most feasible arrangements of speaker and listener. Not really bass, and raising the speaker 10 or 20cm doesn’t move it much anyway, just do the sums. Better still, listen. Move your head up and down, or carefully try some bricks or whatever under the stands. The midrange just gets that nice bit smoother when you get it right, plus it’s nicer having the stereo image more in front if you rather than down.


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                Thanks both.

                @Darren I get what you are saying. My partner however would like floor standers (not to mention narrow fronted small speakers!) so a plinth seems like an all round win win on paper at least.

                I once had my old active classic 50s in an upstairs room, in fact this happened in two different houses. I had ATC make me up some custom if simple four pillar stands which helped out the bass immensely. I think they were about 60cms in height, they are currently sitting in my parents loft! Yes, there was a reduction in bass but this was fine - it was needed. They sounded rather good from memory.


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                  hi, new to this forum (happy to find it!), now I am using Townshend Seismic Bars under ATC's own standard stand, which contribute a lot to mitigate "too sharp", it becomes more soft but I believe there is some loss of dynamic and bass. So I wonder if replacing ATC's own stand brings difference of ATC actives' SQ, any opinion or experience of improvement?


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