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    Hello all, I'm new to this forum, having only just discovered it, so thank you in advance for your responses, if any, to my probably silly questions !
    I'm also new to ATC and took delivery last week of a brand new pair of SCM11s in Black Ash for my 'man cave'. I've set them up on some stands (about 22" high) that I've had for several years, but had been in the loft as I previously had floor-standers and although not yet fully run-in, the 11s sound extremely good.
    However, in my humble opinion, the 11s aren't a great looking speaker to start with and on the stands I have, they still aren't attractive to look at, so I find I'm listening with my eyes closed which definitely helps !
    I've done a lot of research into speaker stands that might be suitable for the 11s and some are relatively inexpensive, some very expensive, but all are an eyesore, again in my humble opinion.
    Then I had a thought - I have a secondary system that has Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers on the Concept 20 stands, in black, so I tried putting an 11 on the stand and a. I think they look very good together, b. it seems very stable, albeit I would put some self-adhesive small rubber 'feet' onto the metal top of the stand and c. I can buy a new pair of the Concept stands for about £170 at the moment.
    Ideally, the Concept stands would be 2-3 inches shorter, but this seems to be a fair compromise, compared to what I think some stands look like ie ugly scaffolding/metal-work.
    So, my question (at long last I hear you say !) is, does anyone on the Forum have any thoughts on this, or indeed, has anyone tried using the Concept 20 stands with SCM11s and does this slightly too high stand mean it's not a good idea, or are there any other views, opinions, thoughts or advice ?
    Many thanks

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    First, welcome to the forum.

    Second, can I check your definition of ideal height? The manual states the acoustic axis for 2-way ATCs is half way between mid/bass and tweeter drivers (measured from the centre of each) - this is technically the ideal height.

    Regards, Darren


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      Hi Darren
      Many thanks for your welcome - much appreciated.
      You are of course quite correct to check my definition of ideal height and as you say, it would appear that the general accepted ideal listening height is having your ears somewhere between mid/bass & tweeter, subject of course to the person's height, the height of the listening chair and then the height of the speakers, but trial and error seems to be the order of the day !
      As it happens, since I posted my question and having reviewed many other speaker stands, and speaking with a couple of dealers I trust, I took delivery yesterday of a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20 stands and have now set them up with my SCM11s and have to say, they sound great and seem to be at the ideal listening height too !
      Thanks again.


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