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ATC price rise delayed until 1 May 2021

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  • ATC price rise delayed until 1 May 2021

    I read a few weeks ago from a couple of retailer/dealer newsletters that ATC’s Hifi range was going up by an average of 8% from 1 April. I’ve since seen that this has been put back a month. ATC have confirmed this by email today.

    Has anybody actually seen a new retail price list?

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    is that a consequence of Brexit?
    8 percent more is not exactly little, and so a few less people will want to afford ATC speaker.

    My scm45a became a little cheaper after my purchase and recently more expensive again at pro dealers.
    I don't know if the 8% are still missing.

    ATC, great pleasure, but not cheap pleasure.


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      To be fair ATC have had no increases since April 2017, whereas many brands put up prices every year. And if you look at how Harbeth and PMC have shot up, under thinly veiled improvements badged XD or i then I think most ATCs are practically a bargain. E.g. the passive PMC three-way 25.26i model is over £8,000, which is more than the active SCM40a. They have to be kidding!

      The factory just replied to say the price list isn’t actually available until 1 May.
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        Yes you are right. the whole hifi industry is taking off more and more with the prices.
        The more expensive it is, the sound is better people probably think.

        At ATC you still get something for the money. I always have to laugh when you can sell people a hi-fi switch for € 2000 or a power cable for € 1500.

        I'm happy with my pro gear because the price/value is a bit better without all these audiophile bling bling :-)


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          So the ATC SCM40 will be totally out of my reach after 1st May 2021.....😔


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            for german prices 8% more is 752€ more for a pair scm40A (if you pay the full price)


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              I found a UK dealer who has already published the new prices. Whoops!

              SCM40 up from £3750 to £3990. Just £240 more for what is presumably a big seller..

              SCM40A up from £6800 to £7400. £600 more.

              SCM7 and 11 new prices to be £950 and £1450.


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