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    ATC sub or other brand, are there any users out there using 2,3 or 4 subs in their rooms?

    If so, what made you choose your number of subs and how have you integrated them?

    For now I am a single sub user but am certainly sold on the benefits of multi subs, mainly for films but I would also be looking at 2ch music use too.

    As I contemplate my system and the motivation to have smaller LCRs, I wonder if I could boost the sound positively to my taste, with a multi sub (2 or possibly 3 depending on size) solution.

    And Happy New Year!

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    I tried two older REL T5 subs with my earlier SCM50asl speakers. I tried to dial in the sound by ear - following REL's excellent user guide. To be frank, the experiment was a disaster. I just couldn't get them to 'gel' in my room. I had problems with setting the phase angle for two subs and whenever I thought I had dialed in the gain using a favourite track, a different track souynded awful. I have to say I achieved a better result with one sub, but even one sub never sounded quite right. Eventually I deleted the subs altogether. The SCM50s sounded better in my room with out bass reinforcement. When I upgraded to the SCM100asl, I never felt any desire to add a sub.


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