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    Originally posted by Bulldog View Post

    My speakers were manufactured early this year. The newer 'S' spec has three fastenings.

    The pippy oak veneer is amazing. I was going to get cherry, but it darkens considerably when exposed to light, and my room is quite sunny at times.
    Thanks very much for the explanation! I’m surprised ATC still have the old pics, but I guess only a nerd like me would notice. My cherry SCM40s have indeed darkened quite soon, though it’s not unattractive. However the oak is superb!


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      I first heard the SCM40s a few years ago. I was blown away with their sound quality. I was going to buy a new pair, but I got offered a pair of pre-owned SCM50 actives for just s little more money. I bought those instead. If the 50s hadn't been available, I would been very happy with the 40s.


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        Excellent looking setup Bulldog!


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          Originally posted by fr.jazbec View Post
          I like your veneer very much.😍
          My speakers are in cherry but in comparison they look boring.
          Thank you. Choosing a veneer is hard. If you get it wrong, you have to live with it a long time. Cherry and black ash are always good fall-back options.


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            Nice ATC 100 classic choice. Can you please inform in brief what is the diff between ATC 50 ASL and ATC 100 ASL. I have ATC 50 ASLT rosewood of December 2020 make. so it will be easy for deciding whether i should go for ATC 100 ASL or not. Mine also have all SL transducers. I am using Lumin X1 streamer/ DAC and ATC SCA2 as pre.
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              ksanjeev, the ATC 100ASL sounds almost exactly like the 50ASL at low to moderate listening levels - except for the bass response. The 100ASL speakers go lower and you can feel and hear the difference. I reckon the 100ASL is a substantial upgrade from the 50ASL. I now have to admit that I am moving on from my 100ASL speakers. My 100 ASL speakers have gone to a new home. As good as the 100ASL speakers were, I have found a pair of speakers that are even better...

              Hopefully, I will take delivery within the next few weeks.


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                Great, now r u going to 150 or some other brand.

                Donu thing it will be wise to change from 50 asl to 100 asl when the listing volume level is low to moderate


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                  ksanjeev, the SCM50's are great speakers. To be perfectly honest with you, I don't think the upgrade is worthwhile if you have a smaller room and don't listen above low to moderate levels. If I was going to upgrade and I had the $$$ and my room was big enough, I would upgrade straight to the SCM150's.


                  • ksanjeev9
                    ksanjeev9 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Thanks for reply. My room size is 29ft by 14 ft by 9.5 ft. Do u think 150 will be ok in such room. I have placed monitors 14 ft side.

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                  The 150's will work in that sized room - they have little or no bass flab, and they won't overpower the room, unlike most other audiophile speakers. My room is 30ft x 19ft and isn't too far from your room size. I reckon a pair of 150's will fit in my room just fine...

                  In saying that, for not too much money you could buy a small subwoofer from BK Electronics:

                  This will give you a little more heft in the bass and may save you a lot of money in the short term. But some don't like the hassle of a sub and prefer to go for a bigger speaker cabinet for better bass integration.


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