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Music I am listening to in Lockdown

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  • Music I am listening to in Lockdown

    I thought it might be an idea to have a thread where we can mention what we are listening to in these troubled times
    I have been listening to a lot of old live albums like Joan Baez - From Every Stage, Van Morrison - It's Too Late To Stop Now Vol 1 & Vol 11,111, IV. Eva Cassidy - Nightbird (what a voice) also sounds fantastic on my ATC SCM40's. I think live albums in particular seem to sound exceptional on the ATC's.
    Other albums which I have found sound spectacular are Led Zeppelin - Remasters, KD Lang- Hymns of the 49th Parallel, Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees, Jimmy Webb -Ten Easy Pieces
    I listen to CD's only now and have a pretty good player Onkyo 7000R and an Onkyo 5000R preamp that has tone controls if the treble gets too aggressive on some CD's. I should point out that none of the above CD's fit into that category.

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    If you like to hear what your system is able to.... ( if it is lockdown or not)
    try the album:
    There is a special release with a DVD The Virtual Concert which I recommend to buy!
    Aside that there is so much good music to listen to, that it will fill sides to write it down, but this one above is a little bit exceptional,if you like this kind of music.
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      I will get it Mariner . I believe it is Yello -Touch a swiss group. Thanks for the tip


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        Sorry gregmelb2...... You are absolutely right!
        The group " YELLO" comes from Switzerland, and the name of the album is "TOUCH".

        On this album there are some guest musicians ( for example Til Brönner).
        From my point of view it is important to get the DVD release,
        because the sound and the optic is remarkable.
        And the group is able to fool themselfes in some parts.
        There are parts on youtube to see what i mean!
        Much fun !!
        Another two highlights (from my point of view) optical and audible are
        Pink Floyd - Pulse
        Jeff Beck - Live at Ronnie Scott´s

        and there are so much more.....
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          During lockdown, I needed some uplifting music. Being a Jazz fan, those difficult times led me to some good soul/funk jazz, in particular to the somewhat underrated soul-jazz organist Freddie Roach. A particularly entertaining album is Mo’ Greens featuring Kenny Burrell. Other very good albums are ,Brown Sugar‘, ,Good Move‘ and ,Down to Earth‘.

          Freddie Roach‘s oeuvre can be looked up at


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            I would highly recommend this tribute cd/album for Jesse Winchester which sounds superb and has great artists performing Jesse's songs.


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              Another great album I discovered during the lockdown is Ray Chrles‘/Milt Jackson‘s ,Soul Brother‘. This album, at least from the musical point of view, is a rarity: Ray Charles is heard only playing the piano and on two tracks even on alto! And he does pretty well with such an elaborate crew: Milt Jackson on vibraphone (and guitar!), Billy Mitchell on tenor sax, Oscar Pettiford on Bass, and Connie Kay on drums.

              The track ,How Long Blues‘ is just perfect! Do listen to it on

              Taken from my vinyl copy of the album 'Soul Brothers', released in 1958.Recorded 12 September, 1957Personnel: Milt Jackson- Vibraharpe, pianoRay Charles- ...


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