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For Sale Rules and Forum Terms - Read before posting

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  • For Sale Rules and Forum Terms - Read before posting

    Classifieds - For Sale

    ATC Forums Does Not take responsibility/ or will NOT be held liable for anything advertised or sold.
    It is the member's responsibility for anything bought or sold.

    Forum members must have a minimum of 100 posts before they can post items for sale or post will be deleted and must be an ATC forum member for 30 days.

    All listings must include following in order:

    - Type of Item (Amplifier, Speaker, (etc etc)
    - Condition of item
    - Location of Item
    - Description of item
    - Payment method i.e. Paypal, Cash in hand
    - Cost
    - Postage
    - Up to 5 images are allowed per listing

    If you do not use the Above layout then your post will be deleted

    If you are interested in any items for sale please keep any communications via Private Messages.

    Please ensure you obtain the following if purchasing items for sale:

    - Full name of the seller
    - The full address of the seller
    - Full contact information of the seller
    - Provide your details
    - We urge using payments of Paypal

    Please read full forum Rules
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